Cross-cultural training has evolved significantly in recent years. The generic list of tips no longer meets the complex needs of global organizations; rather, an integrative approach is needed, one that combines raising awareness, providing knowledge, and refining skills and behaviors.

The global, culturally-competent organization should apply this integrative approach to encourage learning: individually as well as in groups; personally, at one’s own pace as well as inside the training room.

Aylon Slater applies this approach to cross-cultural training and consulting, thus creating the necessary basis for achieving cultural competence in the organization.

The principle is simple: mastering culture will be easy only if a flexible set of tools is available for doing so. Some might prefer preparing individually before their encounter with a colleague from a different culture; others might attain optimal learning in a workshop-type training, where cultural obstacles are discussed and constructive solutions are formulated together.

Aylon Slater brings considerable knowledge and experience to each of these learning modes, benefiting the individual, team, and organization.